Monday, June 14, 2010


Since our air conditioner is broken, we've decided that we're better off making our drives over night to keep cool. Which makes for a great opportunity to get on the computer and blog my heart out.

Today we woke up somewhere in Maryland and continued our drive to Youngstown, OH. We were going to get into town a little bit early. We figured since Fathers Day was coming up, my brothers birthday was the other day and Sheena's mom's birthday is next week, that we should go to the mall. We searched it out on the internet and got an address to go to. When we got there, it ended up being a boarded up mall that had an abandoned Goodwill Thrift Store, a Sports Exchange Store, and a Beauty Supply Outlet.

After that we headed to the show where we met up with Jacob, who is one nice dude. We were greeted with some helpful hands and I got out of carrying lots of heavy stuff, but I ate my fare share of chips and pops to make up for it. The show was great, and in a really cool Theatre space. There was lots of props around, including a Mr. Peanut suit, and a Trench Coat. We took full advantage of the set up and had a small photo shoot.

We're now driving to The Monster House in Columbus, OH. Hopefully we'll get to hang out with our good friends in Delay and see the rest of the gang. We also acquired someone to invade our personal space, Jon Washington. He rules.

Tomorrow we meet back up with Polar Bear Club for what should be a wild show.


P.S. When we are back from tour. This is the man who is going to fix our AC. He is the best, and he is Sheena's pops and the inspiration to our hit song "Ozzy".


  1. Thanks again for coming & playing in town guys. Anytime I can help with a show just let me know. See you all at Berea Fest!

  2. it's a good thing you don't have any fat people in your band like my old band. We could only get to shows with AC & if there was a buffet near by.

  3. so glad you guys made it to y-town. hope to catch up with you again soon.

  4. oh my god, you guys were at the worst possible "mall" in all of youngstown! that place is where people go to get shot, not to shop!! :) ahahah i cannot believe that is still listed as a mall. where is mr. peanut? he loves being photographed!