Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bug in the face, Iowa.

On our way to Omaha, NE for what should be another exciting night of this leg of tour. Sheena is serving as our captain for the day, and I her first mate.

We're presently sailing down the I-29 south. What was seeming to be the most boring of our travels, took an exciting turn for the better. As we were bouncing along the concrete sea with the windows down and Lucinda Williams blaring, i was struck in the face by a curious creature. I realized it was buzzing it's last buzz's in my lap. So we gave him a proper burial wrapped in one of our day sheets torn corners. It's a hard life out there.

We stopped for gas soon after where I washed my face and got an ice cold root beer. Sheena and I decided that the van smelled horrible and we could use a new air freshener. The end result was us rationalizing what hunk best suited our rear view mirror. Now, I feel the honor of introducing to you Jennifer:

The next picture I bring to you, I can't decide if it's funnier in or out of context. This morning when I woke up, my phone had a message from our wonderful friend Max saying he is swimming. I went downstairs to find him next to a hot tub doing yoga. This is his steamy face:

See y'all soon!


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