Friday, June 18, 2010

Turtle Town

Last night we played The Beat Kitchen. The show was great, and so was the food. Earlier in the afternoon we also met some great people at the Chicago Diner, which is where we always eat when we are in the Chicago area. We played the Beat Kitchen for the first time 4 years ago with Rainer Maria and Kind of Like Spitting. I remember that night being a rough night for the band, and it was also the night that I wrote the song Who Would Understand a Turtle on our way to Dekalb, IL. I was riding in a separate vehicle with my friend Mike Dutkewych, a man who looks uncannily similar to Abraham Lincoln. He's also a hard hitter for the USA beard team. I wrote that song in the back of his car, and while stuck in slow moving traffic I exited the vehicle to run up to our Dodge grand caravan to show the others in the band. It served as an apology. I almost didn't make it, because when traffic is moving slow, it's usually going a little faster than you think you can run!

Now we are headed to Minneapolis to play The Triple Rock, another one of our favorite venues with great food. We took a pitstop in Madison to hang out with our friend Justin Jardine who we've known since he was in middle school, one of the first people to ever care about our band! He's become a great friend, and he is always surprising us by showing up on our tours in the most random (international) locations!

Once again, we are in a traffic jam. Sheena just jumped out of the van and closed an old couples trunk that was accidentally left open. They seemed confused.

I also got a haircut. Oops!

- Alex Kerns

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