Monday, June 21, 2010

Midwestern Blogs of the Americas

We've gone high tech! Video blog number one!

Since the recording we played a raging show in Denver where I was forced to guzzle a bottle of Smirnoff Ice while on one knee by PBC's tour manager, Tracker. It was disgusting.

Today, we find ourselves in Salt Lake City, Utah at some rad shanty style venue. Lots of Lemuria love here! We're all very excited for our day off tomorrow in Vegas, however, since we'll be staying at this crazy place with Moving Mountains and Living With Lions. Thank god for priceline. Our plans for the day off are as follows-

Max: Play one hand of Texas Hold 'Em, lose my $5, and spend the remainder of the day poolside and steaming in the sauna.
Sheena: Take a tour of all of the various buffets Vegas has to offer, show off the food baby pool side with Me.
Alex: Blackjack, Craps, high rolling, betting the odds. However, Alex is no stranger to being pulled in the back room and being told "You can either have the money and the hammer or you can walk out of here."
John: Getting his hand smashed with a hammer just before Alex enters.
Kyle: Massaging Me by the pool using poutine as massage oil. Also partying hard with our tour mates.


I have this drum head/set list-

Here's the deal; the first person to show up to one of our shows with delicious vegan snacks that we can all enjoy together will receive this as a prize. Fruit, cookies, clif bars, whatever you want! I'll even give you some pins, and put your picture up on the blog (oooohhhh!)! I'm hungry. Can you tell?

Okay, take care.


  1. You are in Las Vegas & not playing the Bunkhouse, what a crime! It hurts to know you folks are so close yet so far away.

  2. best video blog ever! now get to texas soon you beautiful children! spiral vegan diner. enough said!

  3. Looking at that set list I can only say: Never not play "Mechanical." At least in NY/LI. I will have a fit.

  4. more updates, pls.