Sunday, June 13, 2010

On to Richmond, VA

I woke up this morning sweating in the back of the van, proving a poor judgment call on my part last night. I figure it was a cool enough evening and I wouldn't overheat if i slept on the bench seat, but my reasoning was somewhat impaired due to late night snacks at Paper Moon with Mike and Julie, and the resulting food coma. I moved out of Gary and on to their back yard at about 7am, where I found a nice shaded spot under a tree and snoozed a few more hours. Julie discovered me, looking like a bum sleeping in her yard (sorry about that...) and invited me inside where I showered and got ready for the day. This is what I saw when I woke up -

Last night was a great show. The bands all ruled, I saw an old friend, made some new ones, and Lemuria played great. I got to write the set list last night, so it was an extra special set for me to watch!

Other than that, Bobby (PBC's merch pro) put his captains hat on my head, and I accidentally went out to dinner wearing it. A dozen genuinely dirty looks later, I realized i had it on, and found out that, apparently, I can't pull off the nautical punk look. I wonder what it was that bummed everyone out - is it just pretentious to wear a captain's hat when you're not a captain? Like "Oh, look at me, I'm a higher rank than you...". Insert first mate and poop deck joke here. Perhaps it's just the style of hat, just not right for my over sized head. Either way, the folks in Baltimore got visibly upset with my choice of hat, so way to go MD on keeping the fashion police on call.

Okay, we're headed to Richmond now. We are all growing envious of the cars we pass by with rolled up windows, their passengers looking comfortably air conditioned. I had no choice but to wear my swim trunks today, next river we pass by I'm jumping in. If anyone wants to go swimming tonight let me know. See you at The Camel!


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  1. Sick set in Baltimore. Was super stoked to see you guys, and the t-shirt I bought is super comfy. When you come record with J, how about a Charm City Art Space show? The garage is spacious, and has a ceiling you can't scrape your head on!