Friday, June 11, 2010

On our way to Providence, RI

The Syracuse show at Lost Horizon was great last night. Meeting everybody from all the bands and their roadies was nice, although I don't think I even met everybody because there is a couple dozen. I will soon though! We stayed with our good bud Joe Steinhart from the great label Don Giovanni, thanks again to him for being such a good host...and like usual, showing me tons of great bands every time I see him! It's always great talking music with somebody with such an eclectic music pallet. Also, thank you to Dan Cafferty who brought us delicious cookies last night, and also for bringing us a porcelain cat...that was very thoughtful.
Right now we are listening to Fleetwood Mac, driving toward Providence. I think Lindsey Buckingham is my favorite guitarist in the world.
Just stopped and picked up some road stand fruit. Ok, hope to see you all soon!
-Alex Kerns

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  1. wow. another day in the exciting life of Lemuria. (no sarcasm intended, I am well jealous)!! <3