Sunday, June 13, 2010

Overnight Drive to Youngstown, OH

In attempt to dodge a lot of traffic and sweating, we are driving through the night to get to Youngstown, OH for the show. We are really looking forward to it. We have never played there before! It's a day off from the PBC, Moving Mountains, and LWL tour. I was shown the game "Words With Friends" on my iPhone, thanks to Rachel Lofgren I'll be hooked on that! I talked a little with our buds from The Riot Before about recording with J. Robbins because they recently recorded with him...getting very excited. I've been writing a lot of lyrics in the van. Ah hell, right now we're in the van on EMPTY and we can't find an open gas station. This fall we want to make some music videos for the songs we record this summer! Any ideas on good people to work with who know how to make good music videos?
- Alex Kerns

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  1. Great show last night in Richmond. I was the lonely looking guy with the knit cap who said he might be seeing you at the Dixon basement show in July. Pretty stoked!

    Since you guys mentioned the blog during your set, I thought i'd let you know about mine if you're interested in reading it. ha. I've learned it's difficult to get readers if you don't advertise to your friends.