Thursday, June 10, 2010

Syracuse, NY

Hello fellow Bloggers,
We're currently on our way to Syracuse, NY for day one of our cross nation tour with Bridge 9 recording artists Polar Bear Club. We had the day off yesterday and instead of going to Syracuse early, or staying and enjoying beautiful Burlington, VT, we decided to head back to everyones favorite All America City; Buffalo, NY. We slept for the very first time at Alex's new house (pretty swanky). This morning we thought we should go to the best restaurant in the world and share a lovely breakfast with Eric Bifaro from the infamous I Object!, and dear friend and life long partner to Sheena, Chelsea Merlo who plays in Buffalo's best band: Coworkers.

Us at Amy's place. Eating 'The Biff' sandwich at the table with Biff is like listening to 'The Queen is Dead' in Morrissey's living room.

Us with Chelsea of Coworkers.

If anyone is feeling like getting jazzed up on vegan milkshakes with us, you should all head over to Strong Hearts after the show tonight! Hopefully we'll see a few of y'all there.

Love Always and Forever,
Kyle William Paton

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  1. Too good. Please come back to the UK/London soon!