Wednesday, June 9, 2010

From Big Fat Kerns, with love...

Our van is our home again. Max is taking care of us too! He's from all Burlington, Pittsburgh, and Austin. We have been on tour for the past 3 weeks and we still have another 5 to go. Immediately after the tour we will be recording our sophomore album for Bridge 9 Records with J. Robbins...who is one of our favorite musicians and producers. Gary Gas Hands, our van, is doing ok, but decided that we don't deserve cool air anymore. So many good times with Gary, but Gary doesn't have good timing. Tomorrow we begin our tour with Polar Bear Club, Moving Mountains, and Living With Lions. Very nice, very nice. Also, we lost our NH virginity to Dover the other night...why were we holding out so long. Gotta go back soon. Bagoo!
-Alex Kerns

Frownie faces at Stone Soup in Burlington, VT.

Kyle and his new friend, Willow.

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  1. I feel honored that the your van decided to take one of my nicknames to name itself