Thursday, July 1, 2010

west coast, USA

okay, so we, meaning I, have been slacking on our blog! we are currently in Portland, OR and headed to Seattle, WA.

we hit a couple days of misfortune. my guitar amp, guitar, and cabinet all ran into some problems. I also got spit on by a stranger in San Francisco and gary gas hands(our van) had to get some repairs. Besides this, tour has been great! Since we last blogged we have almost completed our west coast part of our tour!

Here are some of the Highlights!


cute cat friends!

kyle and max sharing some beach love.

we met the pacific ocean.

leo and I shared a moment.

Meat Market with our friend Eric in LA.

Last day of our Polar Bear Club, Moving Mountains, and Living with Lions tour in Anaheim, CA.

Las Vegas Pitstop. We stayed at the Luxor for a night and ate donuts together.


  1. I recognize Santa Cruz beaches when I see them!

  2. hey guys! ive been enjoying your cd, come back to santa cruz and i love sushi soon!