Sunday, August 22, 2010

hola amigos!

Our 2nd record, Pebble, is also officially recorded and being mastered right now! It will be coming out on Bridge 9 records in early November!

Well....we are at it again! we officially started our tour with New Found Glory and The Wonder Years down the east coast!

Yesterday we had a great day off! Max and Alex got massages. My best friend,Chelsea, and I got make overs at the sephora store in the mall. Then we met up with our new friends in The Wonder Years and played handball in a parking lot and went to see the movie, The Expendibles.

This tour is shaping up to be a great one and we are really excited to be playing these shows! You can find the dates and places we are stopping at on our myspace page!



  1. Come to london! please haha :) Met you briefly at your show at the barfly last year, I gave you some of our band's homemade EPS..colour me wednesday! Would be great to see you guys live again, your gig last year was pretty much the best i've ever been too..and I've been to a lot! xxx

  2. We'll see you at the FEST!!!! Sephora... this might sound very unpunk but when I was a kid my mom had to buy me Clinque soap because my skin was so sensitive, kind of like Morrissey... at 8 years old I was a yuppie.