Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chautauqua County 7" and song posted!

Hey everybody,
We posted a new song on our My Space page called "Chautauqua County", named after a county in western New York. Also, this song will be released on a 7" with a B-side called "They Are Who I Say They Are". You can order the 7" on the Lemuria website. We also have a great deal of winter tour dates coming up, you can see them on our regular page, or our My Space page. We'll be hitting many cities throughout the east coast and the midwest throughout the months of Nov, Dec, Jan, and February dates as well.
Many new shirt designs have been posted on our website, and on the Bridge 9 website. Each site has completely different shirts!
"Pebble", our sophomore album will be out January 11th. We're very excited about it! Thanks for listening!

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