Wednesday, December 29, 2010

In Bed With Lemuria, Episode 1

Hello cruel world!

We are in the swing of things on our 'Pebble' US tour, and we are having a blast! Last nights show in Pittsburgh was amazing, thank you Mikey D for putting it together at Garfield Artworks! This morning we went to Quiet Storm for some delicious breakfast with many friends, and now there's a good chance we will be late to load in to our show at Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis tonight!

I won't say too much else, though, as we have our first real video blog of the tour, which will do the talking for me. The series is entitled "In Bed With Lemuria", and this first episode we are calling "Dogs". In our series we will be talking about all of the important issues of the day, popular culture, gossip, etc. in bed with local celebrities and friends. We're hoping to be picked up by ABC by the end of the tour.

So now, may we present to you, without further interruption, IN BED;

See ya soon!



  1. Mike D. from Michigan?

  2. What book is that?

  3. it's a book called "Everyone I Know Is Dead"

  4. I like my nervous yet professional posing/posture in this video.

    P.S. The real title of that book is "All My Friends Are Dead"

    P.P.S. Max stinks.