Friday, December 31, 2010

The road to Louisville

Tonight is a very special show. The last show EVER at Skull Alley in Louisville. We're going to be all dressed up for the new year and this momentousness occasion. I'm also really excited to see my friend Paul from many years ago who works there and will be playing with his band tonight, Reading Group, who I'm super excited to see!

We just left St Louis. We were sort of chased away by hail and tornadoes, really, but we're okay and so is Gary. Last night was potentially the best show of the tour, which is saying a lot because every show so far has been nothing less than amazing. Micheal, the promoter, brought us a bag full of local snacks, FIRST THING! We didn't even have to do anything, he just brought us snacks! What an awesome dude! The show he set up at Off Broadway was totally amazing too, it sounded great, felt good, fuck yeah. Micah took all of our drink tickets and got wasted drunk, and now he's sleeping it off in the back of the van. Great times had by all!

Sheena is driving us down the highway now, we're about another hour away, and then I'll need a big cup of coffee and a sandwich, then I'll be ready to rock.


Sheena pooped in here-



PS - Let it be recorded somewhere, since it's new years eve and all, that 2010 has been fucking amazing. The internet always seems to be filled with cynics and negativity (ie "fuck this year, bet next will be just as shitty!"), so I just want to thank 2010 for being awesome. I have sort of a top ten list I want to post of things I did this year that blow my mind to think about, but number one on that list is without a doubt touring with and being invited to join this amazing band. I am, likely, the luckiest man on the face of the earth to now be surrounded by these amazing people from day to day whom I truly love, and the opportunity I've been given to play music with them and meet people that love it all over the country/world leaves me speechless. Here's the 2011 being equally or even more amazing!

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